MixAmp™ M80

For Xbox One

MixAmp™ M80

For Xbox One



Make your favorite ASTRO A40 or A30 headset (excluding Quick-Disconnect / QD model) compatible with your Xbox One with the MixAmp™ M80. Whether combined with an A40 or an A30, the MixAmp™ M80 gives you the best on-controller audio experience available. Three preset EQ modes, active Mute, and Game:Voice Balance controls give you ultimate control over Amplified Stereo audio. The intuitive design allows you to easily adjust your audio preferences without taking your eyes off the screen--so your killstreak goes uninterrupted. Seamless Xbox One integration and precision audio done the ASTRO way.

*Does not work with the A50 or any non-ASTRO headset; the M80 is only compatible with the ASTRO A40 and A30. For A50 compatibility with the Xbox One, see the AG1 cable.

Ships With

 ASTRO Gaming MixAmp™ M80


MixAmp™ M80



    Enhance your Xbox One gaming experience with controller mounted audio integration.

  • Game:Voice Balancing

    A feature that ASTRO pioneered; Game:Voice Balancing allows easy adjustment of the ratio of game audio to voice chat players experience.

  • Controller Mounted

    Mounts directly onto your Xbox One Controller for seamless integration.

  • EQ Presets

    Choose from up to 3 different EQ modes made for gaming and media.


MixAmp™ M80 SPECS

Power Output

0.973 Vrms @ 1kHz

Audio Fidelity

48kHz 16-bit per channel Stereo

Mic Fidelity

24kHz 16-bit Mono

Amplifier Output

0.973 Vrms @ 1kHz

Cable Length


Amplifier Distortion

0.014% THD @ 1kHz

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